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Dr. Alon is The Weinberg Chair in Sociology of Stratification and Inequality and the Head of The B. I. Cohen Inst. for Public Opinion Research at Tel-Aviv University. Her main research interests include social stratification and mobility, with an emphasis on the sociology of work and organizations and sociology of education. Her work focuses on unveiling the dynamics and historical processes underlying inequalities in the labor market and educational attainment, and the extent to which public policy does narrow these inequalities. Alon’s perspective is interdisciplinary and comparative, taking into account employment and educational processes and outcomes, institutional arrangements and social structures, psychological biases, as well as demographic and economic trends.

Dr. Alon has published in leading journals in sociology, education, and economics and is the author of Race, Class, and Affirmative Action, a book-length manuscript. Alon’s research has been supported by grants from the Spencer Foundation, the American Educational Research Association, the Russell Sage Foundation, the Texas Higher Educational Opportunity Project, Israel Science Foundation, Israel Ministry of Science and Technology, Yad Hanadiv Foundation, The Edmond de Rothschild Foundation, and the initiative of AI and DS for the social good of the TAU Center for AI and Data Science (TAD). She was a visiting fellow at the Center for Advanced Study in the Behavioral Sciences at Stanford University, the Russell Sage Foundation, Princeton University, and the University of Wisconsin, Madison.


Tel-Aviv University

1992-98 Tel-Aviv University Ph.D. Sociology & Anthropology

Tel-Aviv University

1987-91 M.A. Labor Studies

Ben-Gurion University

1984-87  B.A. Behavioral Sciences, Magna Cum Laude






Professor, Sociology and Anthropology, Tel-Aviv University

Associate Professor, Sociology and Anthropology, Tel-Aviv University

Senior Lecturer, Sociology and Anthropology, Tel-Aviv University

Lecturer, Sociology and Anthropology, Tel-Aviv University

Fellowships and Awards

2020-21 Fellow, The Center for Advanced Study in the Behavioral Sciences at Stanford University

2017-today Fellow, The Steinhardt Institute For Higher Education Policy, New York University

2016 Featured Grantees, The Spencer Foundation

2012-13 Visiting Scholar, The Russell Sage Foundation, NYC

2011 Fellow, the Institute for Research on Poverty, the University of Wisconsin, Madison

2008 Excellence in Research Award, Tel-Aviv University

2005-06 Fellow, Princeton University, Office of Population Research

2001-02 Postdoctoral fellowship (Princeton University), National Institute of Health (U.S.), Distinguished National Research Service Award

1999-2001 Postdoctoral fellowship, Princeton University

1998-99 Research Associate, ILR School, Institute for Workplace Studies, Cornell University

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